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Food Gardening


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Special thanks go to all those who helped create and edit this project: Deborah Tolman’s Natural Resource Topics class in the Department of Geography  at Portland State University (PSU) that included Jason Buxrude, Marius Dogar, Bob Kucera, Michelle Lasley, Sally Maier, Patty Mayer, Joe Parker, Linda Parrish, Rich Prentice, Katherine Schmitt, Simon Skiles, Aleisha Smith, and Melisa Teuscher, and to Karin Waller and Martha Works for facilitating this project.  Thank you also goes to the editors:  Beth Chappell, Shannon Hubler, Janet Jackson, Peter Lasley, Dan Parker, Elizabeth Rose Parker, Lisa Rein, Craig Revels, and Steve Shervais who gave their time by making valuable comments.  And finally, we’d like to thank Dianne Tolman for her contribution to the cover illustration.  PSU’s Department of Geography, the PSU Faculty Association, and New Horizons Career Center provided us with the space, the funds, and the printer, for which we are truly grateful.  Thanks to all of you.



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Cover:  Illustration by Dianne Tolman, a small business owner of Big Pine Native Plants.

© 2008 Deborah Tolman, Ph.D., Michelle Lasley, and Joe Parker