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Food Gardening


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This Resource Guide was compiled for the purpose of making accessible new information that would help us move away from practices that are harmful to people and the environment and towards those that accommodate natural cycles and systems; appropriately called sustainable living.  Organized and annotated practices within this booklet are more than 230 descriptions of practices found in current books, peer-reviewed journals, technical documents, popular journals, magazines, newspapers, technical manuals, brochures, and websites.  They are distilled into a format that is easily accessible and understandable, helping any Portlander who wants to shift from traditional home, garden and landscaping practices to more sustainable living.


It is our belief that the environmental problems (including issues of human health, environmental hazards, global warming, population growth, and decline in biodiversity) have to do with the way we connect to nature.  It is, in other words, all too often about the way we depend on finite resources in ways that cannot be sustained by the environment.  We believe that if we look at environmental problems with a systems-wide, holistic, approach, we will better understand the challenges of creating a sustainable future, and develop workable solutions.  Taking a pro-active sustainable living approach, this Resource Guide is for anyone who wants practical knowledge on how to live with a more gentle impact on Earth. 



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Cover:  Illustration by Dianne Tolman, a small business owner of Big Pine Native Plants.

2008 Deborah Tolman, Ph.D., Michelle Lasley, and Joe Parker